Thursday, November 20, 2008

dream, dream, dream

So I always have dreams of all sorts. This morning they were just weird. In one, Dustin's step dad had become an astronaut. He was getting ready to go on his second space mission. He is a plumber in real life, so that's strange enough. But the whole world knew who he was and they made it into space alright (we were somewhere watching the take off) but once they were up there, they realized there was some sort of problem with something. There was another dream, but now I am too far from having woken up that I can't remember what it was about. Oh well. Maybe later. Alot of times when I have really involved dreams, I wake up so exhausted. Like I stayed up all night. I have a funeral to go to now. A woman in our neighborhood passed away last week. She was a woman who did much to help out in the community, and really fought for what she believed in. I don't like going to funerals much, but I am going. I might blog some more later.


MoBo said...

I love my dreams that are really vivid, because I remember them forever and they are usualy really fun(for me hehe)do you go to a lot of funerals? I've only been to two, my whole Life, hmm LATERS


meleofa said...

I had one in October and then the one today. Other than that, they have been for family members, like Pili's and Taniela's. And then Dustin's great aunt passed away last year, so we went to hers. But that's it I think. Dustin has been to many many, and he's been the pall bearer at a few. I don't like funerals. They are usually all sad and stuff. :(

Hera said...

Ofa's funeral was a celebration of her life more than anything. We were sad because we missed her. At the same time so many good stories came out about her life. I don't go to many funerals at all. Your dad goes to a few.