Monday, November 24, 2008

An Object Lesson

Yesterday Dustin was asked by a guy in our ward to dress "immodestly for church, or inappropriately" at a choir practice he went to before church. So he came home and asked me what immodest was for a guy. Indeed. I told him "Your crack-a-lack showing, or your undies showing". And he laughed himself silly. He obviously couldn't be like that for church, so he just sagged his jeans, and left his shoes untied, and borrowed a wig from Grams so he could not comb his hair. (Anyone who has seen Dustin knows he has no hair) The wig was awesome! It was funny to me. And I guess as soon as he walked into elders quorum, the whole class starts laughing at him. I wish I could have seen it. hahahaha. He had fun. He wanted to make sure everyone there knew, however, that if jeans and t-shirt is your Sunday best, that's great, but pull your pants up and tie your shoelaces and comb your hair. I tried to get him to blog about it, but he can't be bothered with such things.

On to other things: I saw Twilight with Dustin and Adam (little bro-in-law and fellow twilight freak) and I thought it was excellent. I have noticed many many people in internet-land were not as enthused as I was about it. I loved it, though. I will buy it as soon as I can. hahahahaha. Dustin hated it. Well, he didn't mind sitting through it with me, but he doesn't want to ever see it again. hahahahaha. He was a good sport to see it with me. He thought it was a chick flick and he, apparently, abhors such things as chick flicks. I hope I'm not ruining anything for anyone. I'm not talking about specifics in the movie.

Anyway, it's almost Thanksgiving and I can't quite believe it. It's too warm, or something, for it to be Thanksgiving. We are going shooting on Thursday. We will wake up at the crack of dawn, drive for an hour, shoot shotguns and rifles for a couple of hours, and then come back and eat til we can't move, watch some football and take a nap. hahahaha.


Maliana said...

oh the perfection of your thanksgiving day!

MoBo said...

WOW THAT IS SO COOL, I AM SO JEALOUS! I WANT TO SHOOT GUNS AND WATCH TWILIGHT, ahahhaha about the immodesty thing, you should have taken a Picture!!!!!!!!! hahahah ok loves~1!