Thursday, July 15, 2010

My car is a piece of poop

It's true, you know.

So on Saturday, we decided we wanted to go and test drive a Jeep Liberty, because we are getting one soon. And too see how two car seats fit. What ended up happening on Saturday, however, was no test drive. Or anything fun. It was not a very good day. My car has been broken for the last two weekends. Dustin fixed it both times and it took a long time both times. I can't tell you how grateful I am that Dustin knows how to fix our cars. We would be so broke from all the mechanics fees otherwise. After spending the whole day fixing the car, he was pooped and in a bad mood. I was pooped and in a bad mod, just because. So Rhea and Ray graciously asked if they could bring us dinner, so we had a barbecue at our house. Rhea even did the dishes! How nice. So the day wasn't a total bust. And I got to take some great pictures of my little family. :)

We are selling the Jeep.  We were also going to spend Saturday getting it ready to be sold. I am sad about it, but we're getting the Liberty to replace it.We're getting rid of my car too. First sell the Jeep, then get the Liberty (the Diesel kind), then get rid of my car. I am pretty excited about a new vehicle. All I want is A/C and tinted windows.

So if you know anyone who wants a Jeep with lots of goodies, let me know. :)

Have a nice day.


MiriamR said...

Oh I hate car troubles! That is exciting that you are going to get a new car yay. We are car shopping and I hate it. Too many choices and then I hate car salesmen because if you try to pressure me I won't buy it even if I want it. Anyways we always sell our cars on or autotrader but you guys are lucky and have ksl. I wish we had ksl to buy a car! Good luck! That was spectacular of your inlaws!!

MoBo said...

thats great fun! that you had dinner brought, wonderful! gangi ykkur vel, or something like it hahaha, with the car search! Lovely pictures

Hera said...

What fun excellent photos of everybody except Mele'Ofa is missing!