Friday, July 9, 2010

More in depth

This is what we spent a lot of time doing those first weeks. Hanging out in my bed and new bedroom. It is a magical sanctuary, if I do say so myself.

So Sarah is an excellent sleeper. People give me dirty looks when I tell them that. It's true, though. I go to sleep for the night at about midnight and get up at around 8 and she wakes up once or twice to eat and might stay up for a little bit, but then she goes to sleep again. The hardest part of her day is around 10 pm. That's her fussy time, and it's difficult because that's my fussy time too. hahahahaha. I am one lucky girl, though. Our daughters are quite sweet. My husband is pretty rockin' too. I'm very blessed.

That first week, Dustin and Miaya had a daddy/daughter day. Dustin took her fishing. She had been begging to go fishing for a while, so they went. She caught this one and one jumped off her hook right when she was reeling it in.

And this is the outfit she chose to wear when we went to go and see Dustin's Grandma Baker. It was pretty warm outside, hence the nice and cool dress, but she insisted on wearing her snow boots. This crazy kid. I lub her.

Oh and the pic on the right is Sarah Lolie in the hospital. hehehehehe. She had no name when I took this pic. :D


MoBo said...

wundebars! hahahah I cant believbe miaya caught that big fish, Amasing! You're family is pretty awesome

Shari and Trent said...

I never told you Congrats on your little one! She is adorable!