Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brigham City day trip

I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago, or maybe it was yesterday, that Dustin gets to install office furniture in the temples sometimes? Well, he was at the Logan temple also last week, and on his way home from there, he saw the Brigham City temple. I didn't realize it was so far along.
Neat-o, huh? This picture was taken on the south side of the construction site. I stood up in the car and poked myself out of the moon roof (which I am sort of amazed I fit out of! hahahaha) and took the picture while we were on the one way street. hahaha. It was great. We went to Brigham City to check out the temple, and get yummy peaches (they've just started becoming ripe! nom nom.) And we also like to just go on day trips, and this was our day trip on Saturday. We also stopped at Smith and Edwards, which is always fun in an overwhelming way.



MoBo said...

wow! it looks like a toy kekek

MiriamR said...

That is a beautiful temple. it looks so fantastic!

Hera said...

I thought it was a toy hehe. How lucky to go on day trips and not sooooo far to go.