Friday, August 5, 2011

Miaya still naps?!?!

So you guys asked if Miaya still takes naps, and yes, she does. Sometimes. Most of the time we just do quiet time. This is something I learned when I was watching a friends children a few years back. Miaya was little, and she still took regular naps TWICE A DAY. Lucky me. :D These kids, though, were a bit high strung, and nothing at all like my little content baby. Their mom, though, told me that she had them do quiet time each day. What is that? you may ask. Well, just like it sounds. Quiet time. No loudness, running, wildness, etc. Like Mamma said: reading a book, watching a movie, something quiet. It was so great. They would sit down and chill for like an hour, no coaxing necesary. Most of the time.

Now on to the pictures. I love this little sequence of pictures.

In the first two, Sarah was making her way over. And then by the end, she's almost to me again. haha!

Is that all your questions answered? I always think I answer the comments, but they never make it to the blog or facebook.

Oh, and Mamma, yeah, the order in the day thing: My kids totally thrive on a schedule. Or maybe it's me? Either, way, we love a good routine in the Baker household. It's not anything big. Here's our typical day. My kids get up between 7 and 8, then we do breakfast. Then we spend the morning cleaning, or running errands, or playing. Then we do lunch. Then naps. The playing and cleaning and getting dinner ready. Then dinner time at 6, then bath, bedtime at 8pm. Awesome. The only things really concrete are sleep and meal times. Everything else is pretty fluid. So now you know way more than you ever wanted to know about that.
The end.


Hera said...

Also the children know who is boss. This helps with keeping the household sane.
Also for the future it makes it easier for the children to go to school and show respect and not bully others. Then again we all have our own peronalities, but at least we try to do our best :)

MiriamR said...

you are lucky she naps. Thats nice. Bubba hasn't napped in years and Eva only naps sometimes we try to do quiet time now its a great idea :)

MoBo said...

I thought I commented on this!! I love it! the pictures and the stories! Wonderfully entertaining!