Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't you love having the park to yourself? I do.

Sarah while she naps.
Miaya eating lollipops.
Sarah eating lollipops.

 So Dustin went to Arizona last week. One of the perks of working for Midwest Commercial Interiors is that they get the temple contracts quite a bit, and so Dustin gets to travel occasionally to go and do the office furniture. Most of the time it's just local, but a few years back he went to Oakland, and last week he went to the Mesa, Arizona temple. He left here at like 8:45 in the morning and got back at about 5 the next afternoon. 

After dropping him off at the airport, the girls and I went to the park. It was great. We were there for like an hour and had the whole place to ourselves. :D

Miaya love love loves the park. She wishes she lived there. It was fun, though.


Hera said...

I just noticed Sarah seems tallish too.
Love the photos and those beautiful grand daughters.
I wonder who will do the furniture for Calgary temple. What a good place to go to work at the temples.

MoBo said...

Thats cool! the temple jobs.. I think that would be the best kind of job to have, one that makes you frequent temple grounds! haha

Were you guys at the park early? was that why there was no one there? thats awesome, I love empty parks, because then I dont look like a bad guy stealing kids toys hahahahahhahah