Friday, September 23, 2011

Back to school

Miaya has started preschool again. She is in her second year. She LOVES it. I love her school. It is such a wonderful place for little ones to thrive. Anyway, this is the only picture Miaya would let me take of her at school. She was too anxious to get in there and for me to go away. Boo hoo. Just kidding. I love her independent spirit! :) I think it would be so much harder if she didn't want to go. So I cried a little while I drove back home from taking her. hahahahaha. I'm allowed.

Because I didn't get more than one shot at school, I took a bunch at home. hahahaha. Enjoy.

Love all that wild and curly hair.


MiriamR said...

yay for preschool. So glad she loves it!

Hera said...

She kind looks like me at that age somewhat. Her hair looks blond.