Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miaya's 5th

Can you believe this amazing, sweet, precocious, energetic, thoughtful, stubborn, beautiful girl is 5? Me either. But she is. And she had so much fun on her birthday. Dustin (and I) gave her this lei for her birthday. 

Grandma Rhea made her a Candyland cake. Awesome, right?

I made these for her bedroom out of tissue paper! So easy, and so fun, and she adores them.

Check out her left eye in this picture. She learned that from her Dad. ;)

Sarah Pop 

See this is my proof she learned the eye thing from her Dad. 

She got to pick whatever she wanted in the whole world to eat for her birthday, and you know what she wanted? Arctic Circle. Crazy kid. hahahahaha. She loves the play land place there. It's the only one we let her go in, because it's all open and she can't hide or run away when it's time to go. hahahahahahha.

Sarah and Daddy drumming on the slide while Miaya is inside.

Miaya felt like a princess on her birthday. She got to do whatever she wanted (within reason :) and she was very gracious about it. Love you Miaya Pie!


MiriamR said...

I love that she got to choose on her birthday. How fun! Happy birthday Miaya!

Hera said...

Happy birthday Miaya mín. Sorry I missed it. I have been unwell for the past two weeks. Hopefully I am getting better.