Sunday, June 22, 2008


So I have had an epiphany. Dustin and I were talking last night, just having a conversation in the car on the way home. As we were speaking, I told him, I'm getting to be in a better place than I have been lately. We we kept talking, I realized something. Something that was so profound and eyeopening to me: not everyone has to fight off depression. I thought, because I am so susceptible to it, that everyone was. One of those, oh I thought it was normal, kind of things. It isn't normal for everyone. Just me. It was very "a ha!" for me. I had no idea.
I also found something interesting out about myself, and how to watch out for how I'm doing in the depression stuff: when my house is messy, so is my life ie: depression. Funny? Yeah, I think so. And it's not that a messy house makes me depressed. It's that I get depressed and therefore don't clean. I don't have the desire to do much of anything. So I am excited to have made this connection. I can look around me and see when I need to make some changes and stuff. I really am thrilled to be able to change the way I do things, to better our lives.


Melisa said...

Hey I totally agree. I didn't know you had depression. I also have depression. I know it's hereditary. I wonder who else of our siblings has depression. When I'm depressed I love to clean my house. It's bizarre but that seems to help me. I really need to be very busy so I don't think so much. I love you blog I go on all the time.

Hera said...

Once you realize and admit to yourself you have depression you can handle life better. I do things I enjoy when I am depressed. Just remember not to worry about things you can not handle at the moment your depression is going on, just do what you can handle. Don't pretend to be a super woman, noone is. Just remember what needs to come first to you. Everyone is different.
Yes, depression is very real and don't listen to people who say snap out of it. Sometimes it only lasts a little while.
I have had depression since I was a child and did not know it until after I was 40 years old.
Have a lovely day.