Thursday, June 26, 2008


We went fishing at Rainbow reservoir on Tuesday. It was fun. I caught 1 fish and dustin caught 3. Miaya is reeling in the fish I caught with Dustin. hahaha. She loves the fish and always wants to squish the silly things. Gross. But she loves it. She has her own fishing pole, but we were busy enough just keeping an eye on our poles and her, so we opted to just use ours. Miaya loves the water and the plants and the birds too. She kept trying to get really close to the water. It freaks me out! She's so carefree, she doesn't mind getting wet or muddy or having algae in her toes. The messier she is, the more fun she's having. haha. Good times.

Miaya also loves trying to help Dustin hold the fish while he gets the hook out. She even wants to get the hook out herself. She's an adventurous one for sure. I love fishing. It's soothing, even when you have to run around after a one year old who is hell bent on getting into the water, whatever it takes. hahahaha.

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MiriamR said...

Maiya is so cute I miss her. Bubba is the same way when we go to the ocean.