Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's summertime.

It's summer. hahaha. Miaya loves her little sunglasses. She loves them so much she wore them in the bath this morning.

The picture on top is Miaya in her little summer pajamas. These shorts are short! But adorable on her, and perfectly suitable for pajamas. I think it's really that she has these super long legs too, though.

I was hoping to take her swimming, but all the swimming pools around here do lessons in the morning and "open plunge", which means people who aren't taking lessons, in the afternoon, when I have no time for swimming. We will eventually, so be looking for those pics. :)

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MiriamR said...

This really has nothing to do with this particular blog. Buyt everytime bubba sees a dog he calls it "Moose". But it is only big brownish looking dogs. I think he remebers her which means he has to remember miaya. We show him the baker cd you give us and when Miaya comes on he points at the computer screen and yells "SEE!" like he is showing us something new.