Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Friend Danny

We have a friend named Danny. He and Dustin have been best friends since they were like 4. Danny also has a jeep and we go wheeling with him quite a bit. Yesterday we went wheeling for the first time since Decemeber, and it started off as just a nice dirt road easy wheeling trip. Then, when we had gotten as far as the snow would allow, Danny wanted to see if he could winch up and over this huge snowbank.

It turned out that he could. Sort of. Well, not really at all. He actually ended up rolling his jeep.

He didn't have his seatbelt on or anything, and he came out completely unscathed. We were even able to pull his jeep right side up. It was insane to see. Unreal. Everyones fine though, in case you were wondering.

Someone is watching out for us because we were able to get his jeep down the canyon, and to a gas station without any power to his jeep. We towed him down. Anyone who has seen 400 N. in Bountiful would remember how steep it is. It was fine, though. He was able to get it running at the gas station, drove it to a friends house to park it for the night, and we were able to get home. But on the way home, our alternator went out. We made it from Bountiful to West Valley on battery power only at midnight. We got to our house, and the jeep died on the lawn. We are watched over for sure. haha.

Oh yeah, I forgot we also broke a front axle shaft while we were pulling Danny out. Just your average wheeling trip. Something always breaks. :)

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