Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I want to run

The sun has been shining since last week, and I love it. I haven't been up to much, but much is coming up. Tuimana and Victoria came over to our house on Thursday afternoon and they left on Monday. Melisa and Willie were able to find a place while Melisa was there, so they might be in North Carolina as soon as next week! Amazing how things go so quickly. I think she's in California right now. Wowee. I've just been hanging out this week.

Miaya and I went to the park yesterday. We brought Moose and she did really well. There's a park kind of by my house that we went to once, and I got really creeped out by the gross teenagers making out on the grass, and the odd parents that were chatting me up. We went to a nice big park in Taylorsville. It has little walking trails that I took Moose on. It also has a frisbee golf course kind of thing. But I didn't use that at all. I suck at frisbee. After walking around with Moose for a bit, we went to the playground. There were a lot of kids, so I put Moose in the car. Not everyone wants a dog, so they don't get one. I didn't want to subject others to Moose because a lot of people are uncomfortable around dogs. Miaya was running around like a crazy, going down slides and having a good time. She LOVES the park. So much. After a while, the playground got pretty empty, so I went and grabbed Moose out of the car and sat with her on a bench while Miaya played. That worked fine for a while, but then Miaya kept getting stuck, so I had to go and rescue her. I felt bad because Miaya was stuck, and I had to help her, and therefore Moose had to come up on the playground with me. There was a lady and her daughter was distressed having Moose so close. I felt bad so I apologized after extracting Miaya, and the lady said "It's okay, my daughter just isn't comfortable with your dog" in a way that made me think it was obviously not okay. Then there were several other parents whose children, and they themselves, were coming up and petting Moose and loving her. I was greatful for one lady who told her little son that he needed to ask first before petting a dog. You never know what the dog is like. I always ask first. Some dogs just aren't friendly, or don't like strangers. Totally fine.

I love that park, though. I think we will go there often. It's friendly for all of us.

So our kitchen table looks like a miniature nursery. Dustin has gone completely wild with growing things.

Oh! We went to the elk farm again on Sunday to show Tuimana and Victoria the elk. It was wild.
There was an elk that was super agressive. He followed us everywhere we went along the fence and tried to poke through the fence.

And lastly, I have been watching Avatar and Naruto because you guys got me curious about it all. So far I like Avatar quite a bit, and Naruto a little. Avatar is cute. I am excited to see more. Naruto is ok too. I was a little thrown off by the whole sexy jujitsu (not sure how to spell it) but I want to see more of it too. I have only seen the first four episodes of it. And the last episode I saw ended with their sensei getting hit by the other student. I am still waiting for Volume 2.

I exercised today, and I am going to be healthy. I can come up with a million excuses not to (suach as: I am lazy) but I really want to be able to run and run and run and not be tired. I am so far from that right now.


laura said...

you can do it! i just started trying to run 3x a week and i'm getting better super fast.

DogLover said...

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MiriamR said...

cool. I love all your plants! I only want to grow lots and lots of strawberries because if I choose too many they all die. I love the sun it makes me want to exercise too!

MoBo said...

I LOVE EXCCERSIZSME, I forgot how to, and then What, I was Spelling HAHA, But I LVOE IT!!! it makes you feel good, I did some run jog walking yesterday, in the Bush, it was totaly awesome, Especialy when Amy lost her Jandle HAHAHHAHA

betta keep the exercising Up so you can show me What for when I come for avisit, and we can run together!!! I love running with peole, because I suck at the pacing, so I kill myself all the time everytime, So I need a buddy, cuz people usualy pace me well, I push and they pull, its a lovely system