Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

This is what I got to wake up to today. Amazing, isn't it? It snowed last night, and the air is all crisp and fresh. Soooooo good.

In unrelated matters, Dustin came home early from work on Tuesday so he and our friend Keith cut down one of our huge trees. I love trees, and especially big trees, but these trees are a mess, and not very healthy, I think. They are all huge, and close to powerlines, homes, and other things that could easily be squished by them. So we are getting rid of all of them. It makes me sad. But we will plant other plants in their stead. The video quality really sucks. I didn't realize the big red glow was there. :P

It's all gone now. By the way kids, don't try this at home.


MoBo said...

I love the sound of trees falling, its so awesome the cracking tearing noise, COOL

What kind of camera you have? I need to buy me one, going out into the world, one needs a camera! whats your megapixels and waht not. YaYa TRik

MiriamR said...

Bubba loved that one! He was like "truck truck". Thats sad that the trees came down but now you can plant what you want and actually put it where it should go. yay for that.

Maliana said...

yeah i remember those secretly alive with malicious intent trees

the heep is such a trooper! i bet dustin would open jars with it if he could :p

how did your lawn fare? so exciting everything starting to grown! i love it