Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Outing at IFA

We went to IFA yesterday with Dustin's Mom and Grandpa. We needed to get some potatoes, peas, and some lettuce for our garden. Dustin's Mom had Miaya sit on the saddle they had on display with this hat. hahahaha. Miaya kept wanting to go back and sit on it.

Rhea, Dustin's Mom, asked the sales clerk if Miaya could pet a chick. The lady let her hold it! I was amazed that Miaya just held it and didn't try to run away with it or something.

Miaya also got to pet the bunny. She told Rhea that she needed a bunny after that. bahahaha. Sorry, kid. We already have Moose, and that's enough for now.


Maliana said...

aawww you can tell the sales clerk is putty in miayas hands mwhahahah so cute!

Hera said...

She sure loves animals. She looks like she is gentle with them.

MiriamR said...

how cute. That is adorable with the chick

MoBo said...

LOL "sorry kid" HAHAHAHHA shes a cutesie pies, She can come visit the animals on aunty Melanies Ranch!! (One day I will marrya rich ranch owners son MUAHAHAHH) hahahahhah too gooo


Hera said...

Cute hair. Amma was bald for the longest time. Amma put my one curl in ribbon or something and everyone made fun of her. Later I had wavy hair that can be not wavy with certain haircuts.