Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today is great.

A few weeks ago, I was stressed out like you wouldn't believe. I was hating life. Really having a hard time. Amidst all that, I had a fun day. I don't know that I blogged about it, but I want to share, so I will.

For a Young Women's activity we went overnight to a cabin by Smith and Morehouse Reservoir. It was a crazy thing. The main thing in going up there, I think, was to have fun. We snowmobiled and sledded, and rode behind four wheelers. It was mostly crazy, as having 17 young women from 3 different wards, and 6 leaders in the same small space can be. The cabin was quite spacious, but there were lots of people. The Saturday morning dawned bright and so clear. And as the morning progressed, the air got warmer. It was sooooo fun. Me and Mio, the 5th branches YW pres., sledded down this mile long road! It was sheer insanity. We thought it was going to be fun, and it was, but it was also jolting, bumpy, and we crashed a lot. We had to wear helmets or we would have gotten concussions. I was oh so sore for the next few days, and I was quite bruised everywhere. But I can't say I regret it in any way. It made me feel young and alive. So cliche, I know. Snowmobiles are fast. I bet Cam, the lady who drove me around on one, didn't go more than 30 miles an hour but my eyes watered so much I couldn't see. I felt like I was flying! It was really great. :D Mio and I also hopped on a sled on the back of a four wheeler, and that was quite fun. The bad bits were always when we fell off. The snow was all hard packed so I hurt when we would fall off. We wore helmets then too. It's funny, because Mio and I were the only leaders crazy enough to get on the sleds. hahaha. The other leaders had done this stuff before, so they probably knew better. bahahaha. So fun, though.

Today, I was not lazy. I got quite a bit done, and that made me feel good. I worked out a little bit today, too. That always makes me feel good. I had some great quality time hanging out with Miaya, who is sick again. :P She has a cough that I am amazed doesn't shake her whole little self apart. :( I did a whole bunch of laundry, I did my dishes. I organized some things, found places for others.

I'm having Mana and Victoria over for the weekend, so that will be fun. Melisa is going to North Carolina. I am so excited for them. I hope they are able to find a place while she's there. I've never been to North Carolina. I hope we get to go see them while they are there.

It was a good day today.


MiriamR said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I am glad you got alot of stuff done. I love those days. THey are few and far in between these days but hopefully one day I will get organized. My to do lists are HUGE and I get like half a thing done and thats all :( I am glad you are doing better than me. Keep it up. Working out makes me feel good too maybe I should really start doing that.

MoBo said...


Working out is AWESOME, I love it, but I am a half, and cant do things by myself!!! which is the only way I excercise, so I dont do it much :( hehe how super exciting! Mana and Victoria, dose miaya like her cousins? hehe. today I was soooo lazy teehee, naughty nuahgty, I am cleaning now though heheheh BYO!!!!