Friday, September 24, 2010

Girly headbands

Okay, so with having two daughters and being a girl myself, you would think that I would know what I was doing when it comes to hair. Not at all, unfortunately. My hair goes from really long to super short over and over every 3 years or so. When it gets too long, I like to chop it all the way to my chin. Anyway, I am going to start making cute hair things for my girls. Why, you may ask? Well, Miaya is 4 and doesn't like to have her hair done. She will sit through me combing it, but it takes quite a bit more coaxing to even do pig tails. I know this is in part because she hasn't had much hair to speak of until the last year or so. Sarah, at 3 and a half months, has more hair than Miaya did at 1 year. SO. I am going to make hair things that I can put in their hair, short or not, so we can have cute hair all the time. hahahahahahhahaahaha.

Thank goodness for fun blogs, right?

Here is some inspiration.
Rose thingies.
Pretty headbands.
More rose thingies.
Flower clips.

Do you guys have any ideas for me? If so, by all means, let me know.


MiriamR said...

Man I have no idea. Eva's hair is getting long but I am still not good at it only when I have to. Those links look great!! It looks so hard to me for some reason but I know you can do it cause you can do crafts really well and scrap booking stuff so it will be great. Post how it goes.

P.S I LOVE that picture of you three. It is definitely a framer :)

Hera said...

I had lots of girls and no hair talent.