Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pining for furniture.

I am pining for a piece of furniture we passed up yesterday. I know, lame, and yet here I am. We drove past a house having a yard sale and I see this large china hutch and I'm thinking "That would be so great to have. I could paint it and make it my own." And then, THEN, I saw a big FREE sign on it!! I was so excited, because I loved it already. So I told Dustin about it. He said we could check it out on the way back, so I was content. On the way back, however, we got a phone call from someone interested in the Jeep. So we got sidetracked and headed back home to wait for the guy. Unfortunately, the guy came by and Dustin said it looked like he wasn't even going to get out of his car. He didn't want it (you could tell), but he got out, looked at it for like 2 minutes and said he was still looking. (Read: I don't want it.) This was after lowballing on the price, and Dustin said he would sell it for that. ANYWAY. So then we were going to go to Home Depot because it's our favorite place on earth. (Okay, maybe not, but we sure do spend a lot of time there. :]) We sent the neighbor boy home, and piled into the car. Off to Home Depot we went. We got what we needed, and were heading back home for the evening when I remembered the hutch! We headed back to the hutch and I was thinking *If it's there, it's a sign, and we HAVE to get it* and guess what?! It was STILL there!!! So we stopped and Dustin shot it down. :**( It was too big. I told him to give me a year, and I'd fix it up and find a place for it. He said it probably wouldn't fit in the garage, which I don't think it would have. It probably wouldn't have even fit in the truck. Boo hoo. And yet, here I am, still thinking of the silly thing. hahahahahahha. It just motivates me to get my house in order so that when I find such fabulous things in the future, I will be able to have a place for them. :D

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. And I hope you had an excellent birthday, Miriam.

Oh, and P.S. Sarah has discovered screeching. It's highly entertaining, but the effect on her vocal cords concerns me.


MiriamR said...

Oh no about the lamo dude. and oh no about the gaint hutch! Daniel shot mine down but I told him to stick it in the truck now (mind you it was hot and I was pregnant still) I have to get to work on mine again but not yet. Yeah Daniel is ok with me bringing furniture home but ONLY if I have a plan timeline and place for it. I am sure one will come up when you are ready for it!! Oh and I HATE LOWES. we have one close to our house and we used to go there every single day. Thank goodness we are down to twice a week or so now. I mean I like them but I hate having to go there.

Wiley Family said...

Oh i hate when stuff like that happens. you see something you like and get a little attached and then cant stop thinking about it. You have a great attitude about preparing the house in case such treasures are found again and you will know exactly what and where to put it. Im sorry about the lame pretend buyer of the jeep. Thats annoying. I love the pics of sarah and the one with her daddy. how sweet. Its so great how each kid has their own personalities isnt it.