Thursday, September 2, 2010

My quirks.

I have a few quirks. I would like to list some. Maybe I will make this an on going thing. hahahaha.


-When I wash the dishes, I always wash all the plastic stuff first, and then porcelain stuff, and then cutlery, and then pots and pans. Always in the same order.

-We have the Ikea kids plates, bowls, and cups, and I don't like to have certain colors together, and so I will restack them to a more pleasing pattern.

-I have several grey hairs, and have since I was 16, and I really don't mind that they are there.

-I am pretty sure my t shirt is on backwards today. And yet, I haven't switched it around. hahahahahaha. It's one of those that doesn't have a tag, and so until I put it on, I don't really know.

hahahahaha. I am so self absorbed sometimes. This post is definitely one of those times.



MiriamR said...

ha ha about the shirt thing. I feel lucky to brush my teeth and put my hair up lately. I used to do the same thing with the dishes but now I just do whatever I don't know what made me change that.

Wiley Family said...

Oh this is great!! I love quirks. Yeah i have put on clothes the wrong way and not notice until Victoria has said something about it. I don't mind my grey hairs either. they are a part of me. I dont understand why people have problems with them. Also I dont know why people have issues with stretch marks. They are there and who cares really hahahahaha.

Hera said...

I wash the dishes in the same order. I don't know why though. In school home ec. we were told to wash cutlery first. What does it really matter as long as they get cleaned.

MoBo said...

HOW HORRENDOUS!!! I wash glass plates first, than the glass cups, than the mugs, then the plastic in whatever order, then the cutlery goes in to soak while i clean the pots and pans, then I wash the cutlery and the big stuff is last, if there is any. Maliana told me to wash glass first once, and I have done so ever since. HAHA Quarks are Great, I love hearing about them, cuz then I can say "ooo me too!" hahhaha