Thursday, September 30, 2010

I adore you all

It's true, you know. Unless I don't know you, then probably not. But I also adore comments. I live for them. I read every single one of them, and I just wanted to let you all know that.

Okay, now I have seen these before, and I loved them at first sight. So I shall share them. I would probably only get Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre (two of my most favorite books of all time) but they are all so lovely. I love books. Oh and here is a list of 100 Best Novels. I don't like most books that folks say are the best ever, and that everyone should read them. But that's okay. We are not all going to love the same things. I like reading books from lists like this, though. I try reading books and often find out I don't like them. But I am willing to give them a try. What's your favorite book? Mine is The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. I've loved it since I was like 12. So good.

Now, on to what's been happening.

Dustin's brother, Jason, and his wife, Robin came into town! It was so fun to have them here. I knew Jason was flying in for the funeral, but had no idea Robin was coming. It was a lovely surprise. Dustin took Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off so we could go and do stuff with them.

Dustin turned 32 on Wednesday. :) We spent time with his family. I made a photo book for him from Picaboo and he loved it.

Saturday was Jay's funeral. It was really lovely. I celebration of his life.
On Sunday I went to church and the kids and Dustin stayed home. The girls have been sick. Miaya is all better, and Sarah is pretty much all better. I hate not being able to stay home and take care of them. It makes me sad.
On Monday we went to Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The weather's been unseasonably warm so it was sunny and warm. The colors where bright, and it was a good time. We went to Cabela's after that, and it's always fun to see the fish and the animals.

On Tuesday, hmm. I can't remember Tuesday. Sheesh. It's been busy. OH yeah. Miaya had preschool, and I had a presidency meeting and Dustin mowed the lawn(in the morning). Miaya had school pictures and I completely forgot! Oh well. She looked like she usually does (unruly hair) and that's just fine. :) In the afternoon, we went to Dustin's grandparents house and spent a few hours there visiting with everybody.
And then yesterday we went to breakfast at Ogie's for Dustin's birthday and then visited Grandma Baker and then took the kids home. Miaya was having a really bad day. I'm hoping that getting back to our normal routine again will help. After naps, we went with Dustin's Mom and brother, Adam, to see Jason and Robin off at the airport.

Today has been much more quiet. Miaya had preschool this morning, and while she was there, I did a little cleaning, but then Sarah was fussy. So we snuggled (I have such a hard job. :) And then I went and picked Miaya up from school and we went to the library. She was being really good, and so I thought we should go to the store.  I planned to while Miaya was at school, but that didn't end up happening. : / Miaya ended up throwing a mega fit. It was ridiculous. Does your child do this? We didn't even get inside costco before she was freaking out. It was quite shocking if I do say so myself. I thought my ears were going to explode. It wasn't very pleasant at all. Hopefully this throwing tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants stops soon. I've had more than enough of it. :S Any ideas for curbing this awful habit?

Until next time.


Maliana said...

wow!! those books look amazing! i was just thinking of this the other day as i was putting all our books on the shelf, i love them but they arent very beautiful :P if only, if only

MoBo said...

I would only get the last four books, and by get I mean Buy versions, not these particular ones hahahah The Little Prince has become my favourite too! its one I can read over and over and over and anywhere! its great! but another book i lobe is Persuasion, by jane austen hohoho I think people tend to like the book they are most like when it comes to Jane Austen. I am absolutley the same way when it comes to Best ever lists, I try to get through them so I can be socialy knowledgable, but never finish them because they suck so much! well, I'll go through each thing on the list but usually not get very far in it hohoho I dont think its a bad trait anymore(I used to think it was the worst laziest and dyslexicest thing to not finish a book, it was probably some sort of complex...)

Well, Toodles from my deranged tired eyes and fingers that shouldnt be sharing information in this state!

MiriamR said...

dude my internet was out ALL WEEKEND from friday night until now!!! and we had Heather Jenny Mallory Garrett Andrew Beckam Kathryn and Ralph over!!! ok so those exclamation marks were not because they were visiting but because we were all supposed to watch conference here together and the internet in our area was down all weekend!!! anyway those books were georgous. I read on thrifty decor blogs of women who go to DI specifically to find pretty books. They don't care what is in them just the way they look haha. I loved your pictures. You should frame the one of miaya nd dustin and put it in her room because it is as though that moment is frozen in time. Anyway that rant was more to tell you why I hadn't read or commented on this until now :) Love you guys see you in a few weeks!!

Hera said...

Wonderful photos.