Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Miaya

So I love this. I want to do this in my house. In my hallway! Okay. Maybe not, but maybe.


Guess what today is? Yep, that's right. It's MIAYA'S fourth birthday. She's one great kid. She stretches my limits in every way, shape, and form. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I have heard (from my Mamma) that she is a lot like I was as a kid. This is terrifying to me. I know many people hope their kids to be like them. Not me. I want my kids to be so much more than I am. To be wiser than I was and am, not make the mistakes I made and continue to make, you know?

She had her first day of preschool, and she is so amazing. She didn't have any one that she knew in the class, but she was so excited to go. No crying, no carrying on, no "Please stay". ::sigh:: Makes a Mamma feel sad. hahahaha. Just kidding. I'm proud of her! She's so tough. So brave. She loves people. I am truly grateful for that. I am more to the anti social end of the spectrum. She's alot like Dustin in that aspect. He makes new friends everywhere he goes. :)

When we were leaving preschool, and she tripped and fell and scraped her knees, her hands, and banged her head on the ground! Poor kid. The accident prone-ness comes from me. yeesh. She's alright, though. Cried a bit, and then carried on.

We went to Wendy's for lunch, and then we came home and made some cupcakes for her tea party/ birthday party tomorrow. And she was giving Sarah kisses. They adore each other already. Did you know? They do. Sarah watches for Miaya. And when she sees her, she laughs and smiles. And Miaya loves to make her laugh and smile. For this, I am so grateful. Sisters are great.

We're having the missionaries over for dinner, and then we're going to the Utah State Fair. Yay!

That's all for now.


Hera said...

Yeah Miaya is related to the females in her family. Many happy birthdays and have fun at pre school.

MiriamR said...

Happy Birthday Miaya! I am so glad she loved school. Sad about the falling down though. That is the cutest idea for a tea party as a birthday!! CUTE!

Matt and Suzanne said...

OH! Happy Birthday to cute Miaya! What a doll!!!! I didn't know she was born the day after Grace! Yay for September babies!:) Sounds like you guys are doing really well!

MoBo said...

hahaha those pictures are Great! and Miaya is Great! happy Birthday ten years ago! hahaha sorri bosss. Great Post, I love it