Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

So it's really cold outside. I just took a couple of pictures this morning to emphasize my point. These don't look particularly cold, but it is. Very cold. But jess, there is a winter storm warning that goes from this morning at 8am until 6pm tomorrow evening. wowee. I hope the drive isn't bad for Melisa.

I have been sick this week. So I have had very little to blog about. And Miaya has been sick too. Miaya is still sick. I hope she is not contagious, though. I am keeping her away from others as much as possible. Tomorrow, however, she will be with her cousins, so hopefully she will be
better by then. By the way, my camera takes alright pictures. I've been using my camera phone since I started blogging again, because our other camera broke. hahaha. well. buh-bye.


Shari & Trent said...

I agree it SO cold and it won't stop snowing today!

MoBo said...

your two pictures are COOl, becasue it looks like the tree continues from the bottom to the top. Did you know that the cold isnt what makes you sick, its the fact that you stay inside more. Interesting, I wonder if its true for up north ther harharhar

Did you Hear about the Icelandic philipino living at (or is it in?) the Gold Coast(coastal town 45 mins from brisbane) moving to brisbane for schoolings? that cooky and unbelievable, I am going to FIND HIM! muaha its just so wierd, but its all heresay from Maliana, Anywhos!