Monday, December 15, 2008

Just really quick

Miriam is disgusted that I am taking this picture.
Miaya and Bubba were laying down together but everytime we tried to take a picture Miaya would get up again.

Daniel laughing and Eva playing on the floor.

Miriam and Daniel and Alexander and Eva came over tonight. Here are some pics and a video of Eva.


Hera said...

fun with lots of little kids hehe.

Maliana said...

wow she's all making sounds and stuff! i can't believe it

MiriamR said...

ew what a gross first picture!!!!

MoBo said...

HAHAHA who was that giggling??? going hehe hee hee heeheehehe he he awesome times, I am so jealous

meleofa said...

i think it was bubba. :)