Monday, December 22, 2008

What would you do?

I think there are people out there over whom we have an influence. Now, if you know you have an influence over someone, do you use that influence for good? Or should you just shape them into whatever you want them to be? I feel that when you know you have some weight with someone, you sometimes need to curb what you say or do around them, if you know it's not good for them. I know everyone has a choice when it comes down to it, but still, be judicious. When someone has put themselves enough out there to trust you by taking you into their confidence, it's doing them a disservice to manipulate them.

What do you guys do? I hadn't really thought of it too much until the last couple of days. My little brother in law, for one reason or another, is suseptible to listening to what I have to say on a variety of subjects. Recently he has been questioning a lot of different things, which I think is great. Find your own answers, you know? And he's been influenced by someone who doesn't believe as he has in the past, and his parents are worried. I know I worry sometimes. But it's not just in one aspect of his life, it's all over. He's becoming a younger version of this other person. This other person is still figuring himself out. He's trying to straighten out his life. I suppose we'll just have to see how things turn out.

Anyway, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is on TV tonight. I haven't ever seen it, but whoever did the makeup for Johnny Depp did a great job, and they should have done the makeup for the vampires on Twilight. Or Sweeney Todd. Those are some pasty pale folks.

See. Edward looks more human than these other three. Maybe not?

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