Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Patient Girl

Miaya can be so patient sometimes. This morning I was getting breakfast together, and she decided to pull up a chair and just wait for me. What a sweet kid. hahahahaha. I was trying to take a candid shot, but she saw the phone and proceeded to put a big smile on. She loves to smile for the camera. Cheeky girl. I was amazed she just sat there. Usually she will open all the cupboards and empty them, or get into the pantry and empty it. hahaha. Never a dull moment with her.
So I never blogged about Thanksgiving. I am going to now. We were going to go shooting Thanksgiving morning but we woke up to rain, so that cancelled that. We had the Thanksgiving meal at Dustin grandparents house, and the gathering was quite small compared to when everyone is there. There were only 14 of us, so it was nice. Usually there are like 30, and that can be a bit much if you don't have the room for that many people. Miaya played with Dustin's cousin, Paige, who is 3 and her older brother Zachary. They had a good old time. We watched the Lions lose yet ANOTHER game, against the Titans, and quite pitifully. I guess that's what happens when you pit the WORST team in the NFL against the best. And then we watched the Cowboys trample the Seahawks. Both games were so disappointing because there was really no doubt as to who would win. :P I didn't even watch the Eagles and the Cardinals.
On Friday morning we went shooting. Yay! It was great. We even brought Moose. We wanted to see if she's gun shy. And she is a teeny bit, but nothing we can't work with. Dustin wants her to be a hunting dog. I think she'll be able to do it. She's a good girl. If not, no biggie. Miaya and Moose and I kind of hiked around a bit, because sitting in the car the whole time is no fun. And when I wanted to shoot, Grampa Ray sat with Miaya in the car and played and gave her hot cocoa and cheetos. There was orange everywhere. I didn't take any pics. I was too busy having fun. :D
When we got home, Dustin and Miaya took naps, and I got a bunch of the Christmas stuff out. I felt all holidays-y after that, so I put Miriam's christmas playlist on, and decorated. I love Christmas. It's so great. On Saturday we took Miaya over to Grandma's house so we could do a bit of Christmas shopping. Dustin and I went to Ikea and got Miaya an easel. I am soooo excited for her to have it. hahahaha. I think she'll love it. She loves to color and such. Okay. I'm done.


MiriamR said...

That sounds like so much fun. I am so glad you guys are all christmasy. I feel like I haven't been for 2 years now. Hopefully that will pass next year. Miaya looks so much older! just a year older but a year is huge in toddler land. I can't wait for you guys to meet Eva. She will look like a giant to you guys because newborn months are like years too.

MiriamR said...

Hey I just read your favorite books. Is jane eyre any good? I haven't read it but its a classic. Hmmm. Now I want to put my favorite books. I was filling in some books I read last week into my books I have read book and I decided I haven't read nearly enough books but I don't want to waste my time on crappy ones. Only good ones. Thats a big dream I guess.

MoBo said...

LOL at miriams comment about not wanting to read crappy ones, Who Does?!?! That is like an imposibility~! you have to read crap to get the really good stuff for sure? hahah So an Artist is she? thats so cool I love your stories about Miaya! always makes me jolly!