Monday, December 8, 2008


Our blog is completely festive now. It will only last until Christmas, or so. My playlist is even a Christmas one, inspired by Miriam and Daniel's christmas playlist. I took the top picture laying under our Christmas tree. Dustin put lights all over it. I love it.

We watched Forbidden Kingdom on Friday night, and it was awesome! I loved it. Dustin didn't like it too much. Not much for the kung foo, I think.

It's snowing right now! For the first time in like a month! And it's supposed to snow really hard this coming weekend. Just in time for Miriam and Daniel. :)

Miaya has figured out how to open all the doors in the house. And lock them. (She's tall, so she can reach the front dead bolt too!) And unlock them. This morning, I took Moose out, and it was already snowing, so I figured Miaya would see that and not go out. She came outside and was walking around! I was yelling for her to go back inside, and she was just walking around. In her socks! In the snow and slush. And I'm yelling the whole time trying to get her to go in the house so she doesn't freeze to death. When I finally get to the back door, she's screaming, telling me her toes hurt. Poor booger.


Maliana said...

bhahaha sorry but that made me laugh proper hard out!! "my toes hurt!!" bahahahh silly thing

anyway the title of your blog entry reminded me of the word ostracize, which i thought was pronounced ostrich-sized when i was little so i thought people were always referring to someone being tall with skinny legs and wild hair, just thought i'd share that

MiriamR said...

I totally laughed a lot for this story and then I read maliana's and laughed some more. Still in GUam our last few hours and its raining like a monsoon so no beach to get my last tan. We will see you in a couple days!

MoBo said...

HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAH that was hilarious, I cant wait to meet miaya! im imagining you yelling for miaya to go inside and shes saying my toeS! hahahahah poor booger indeed hehe

Hera said...

very pretty door decoration

Hera said...

Miaya is just being like her mother was when she was two.