Monday, December 15, 2008

That was our weekend?

A list of things that happened this past weekend:

  • Mele'ofa and Miaya go shopping. We get to Costco only to find out I have lost my card. Go home, because I forgot you can just get a new one in like 1 second.
  • Dustin works late.
  • The ward Christmas party. We aren't able to go, but drop off a fruit salad.
  • Have a date at Burger King :)
  • It snows yipee!
  • Miaya ruins a library book by tearing it's cover off
  • Dustin worked in the morning
  • Dustin has choir practice in the morning
  • Miaya clogs the toilet by putting a toilet roll in it
  • Dustin has to take the toilet off and unclog it (takes several hours)
  • Miriam and Daniel and Alexander and Eva come over yay!
  • Dustin goes to choir practice
  • Mele'ofa goes to leadership meeting before church
  • Miaya pees through all her clothing before sacrament meeting, so we went home early (Dustin didn't change her before church, and gave her a juice box. Not a good combination.)
  • We all go to choir practice at 4pm only to wait until 4:30 to be able to practice
  • We take Miaya to Rheas house to drop Miaya off, so we can sing at fireside
  • We get to fireside intending to sit together, but find out we can't
  • Sing with success (both of us)
  • Go and get Miaya and head home
  • Dustin goes to Grams and Gramps' to fix their snowblower (it was like 9pm :Pbut it's supposed to snow on Monday)
  • Miaya and Mele'ofa watch Harry Potter and fall asleep
  • Dustin get's back a little after 10pm
Am I complaining? Yes. But it all turned out fine. It wasn't the funnest weekend, but it did have some really great bits.


MoBo said...

HAHHAHA that is so funny, the video haHAHAHa , Your weekend sounds AWEsome, hahaha good times

Hera said...

All this makes good memories. Matelita used to throw things in the toilet.