Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Fashion Show

First off, I forgot to post this ever. It is my birthday cake, and that blazing innferno is 26 candles. Heck yes it is. Miriam made me birthday brownies, and I love love loved them. So awesome. On to the coolness: Miaya asked me, that's right, she actually wanted me, to help her put this dress on. I love it. She looks like a flower girl. I love her so much. :)

This is her posing-for-the-photo smile. hahaha. It makes me smile.


Maliana said...

wow i'm so impressed by this girl she hikes and likes dresses and wendy's frosties, legend!

MiriamR said...

What a beautiful dress. She can wear it for easter, just around the corner I guess.

meleofa said...

I bought it at Savers for 4 dolla. I was soooo excited. I also got another one, and they are both very springy. The other one is yellow with light purple butterflies. :)