Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can't Fight This Feeling

The world has gone Valentines Day crazy. And by the world I mean I have. bahahahaha! Okay, that was probably only funny to me. I got a good laugh out of it. But really, today I have been listening to a Valentines Day playlist from playlist dot com. It was just there on the home page thingy, so I clicked on it. At first it was all lovey dovey like Love Me Tender by Elvis, and At Last by Etta James. It then moved into songs like All Out of Love by Airsupply and Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T's. Now the list is right in the middle, and it's playing Tired of You by the Foo Fighters! hahahaha. It becomes more lovey dovey again towards the end. But I like this playlist. It makes me think of the different loves people have out there. Good, bad, angry, sweet, physical, messy, complicated.

I'm not one to celebrate Valentines Day, usually. I can't think of any specific Valentine's Day at all, except the one that I worked at Flower Patch. That wasn't very fun. Lot's of people (mostly men) coming in and buying flowers. Their attitudes where anywhere from rushed to completely pissed to easy-going to excited. It was quite an experience. I'm just going to take the opportunity of Valentine's Day to let everyone whom is special to me, that they are.

This weekend, though, we may be going for a little road trip. I'm excited. Dustin has the rest of the week off after today, so we are going to do SOMETHING. :) And he has Monday off too! That was a nice surprise. (President's Day) We started with the idea of just going to Fish Springs for the day on Saturday, and then I thought about Moab, and then Dustin suggested Blanding and Monticello. And then we started getting crazy and throwing New Mexico around! hahahahahaha. We will have to see. So we might just go somewhere for the day, or we might spend a couple of days somewhere. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that quite a few hotels allow dogs, at no extra charge. Pretty cool. :)
It's 1:10 pm and Miaya has already had a nap! I'm pretty excited. I hope this is the start of another beautiful rountine. (:


MoBo said...

COUPLE OF DAYS SOMEWHERE~!!!!! that would be so exciting, ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I'm excited too hehehe I hope you have lots and lots and lots of fun!!!!! I dont like valentines day, I am one of those people thats like Stupid corporate holiday! its so pointless to me, I personally think its the world being real bad, because everyone is anngry and mean all year round, but valentines day is the day they pretend they arent mean and angry, and buy each other things that dont mean anything because everyone else said so, pishaw humbug. Muaha I have often wondered if these thoughts make me seem like one of those people whos all I hate valentines because I dont have one hahahah, DESPISED!

meleofa said...

I doubt it. I am a large fan of telling everyone you love them in general. I mean, really, why do people wait for a day that the candy and cardmaking folk have destined for us to show our love to one another. I'll do it when I want.

MiriamR said...

New mexico is 11 hours with 3 stops (kind of long stops) it could be 10 if once you hit shiprock you go the other way.

I don't care about Valentines day. I like the cheap candy afterwards. Although today we got a package in the mail from Kathryn and it was Bubba's birthday presents and Valentines candys for each of us (she chose ferrero roche for me which are my fav, then milk chocolate crispy spiderman for daniel and those hard hearts for bubba and rice crispy treats in the shape of hershys kisses) I got so excited for some reason. I guess the thought and action touched me so I guess I do care. yay for valentines day!!

Hera said...

I did not grow up with Valentine's day so it does not worry me too much. It comes and goes without me noticing it.
Celebrate whatever whenever you feel like it.