Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a day.

Today was quite a day. It seems our daughters terrible twos are in full swing. She's a sweet kid, really. Church was quite trying for Miaya today. We all got to church at around 1 pm. As we are looking for a place to sit, Miaya says she doesn't like it. I completely understand: 1 pm is her nap time. She is very difficult when she wants to sleep, but can't. We went to sit somewhere and Miaya stayed right where she was in the back of the chapel. I said to her: "Miaya, come on. We're sitting over here." She says: "I don't like it." And then a lady in our ward smiles and says to us "Looks like you have a 2 year old." It was in a nice way, not in a what-a-bratty-kid way. Then when the foot traffic emptied between Miaya and us, she runs to me and starts crying. I knew why. She felt we had abandoned her. Even though she was the one who refused to come along. Poor kid. Then came sacrament meeting. She fought with me the whole time. First, Dustin was asked to bless the sacrament, so he left to go and sit up at the sacrament table. Miaya was devastated. So dramatic. Then, at various times throughout the meeting she was screaming, crying, laughing, and she was even quiet for a bit.

After sacrament meeting, our stake president came up to us and said "Is she always such a handful?" and Dustin said yes. Then President Gillette said "She's a cutie, that one." Oh deer. We think she might be teething. She has been various levels of angry all day. We just put her to bed, and she is all snuggled up in bed.

Before she went to bed, Dustin asked her what sort of story she wanted him to tell her. She said one about a boy! What a hey?!?!? hahahahahahahahahahaha. It made me chuckle. Dustin then told her that she wouldn't have any stories about any boys until she was 30. And even then they would all have to be cleared through him. The end. hahahahahahaha. He may have a difficult time when she starts dating.


Hera said...

Sorry to say but she is quite strongheaded like you were. You refused to go to sleep at night. so you would scream for about ten minutes in your bed. I always left the door ajar and told you screaming would not do you any good and that you were going to sleep. You grew out of this eventually. Then again Melisa shared a room with you. She went to sleep no matter how loud you were. This seems so long ago now. After everything is checked out with the child to make sure they are ok then just let them scream. Of course that is not suitable in church. hehe. It's also tough having their naptime disrupted. Perhaps she needs to take a nap earlier and go to sleep earlier at night. No matter what when we were home you were in bed between 7-8pm. Actually that is a good time for that age. Good luck

MoBo said...

muuahahahahah someone commented HAHAHA I cant wait to meet her! this is super

Maliana said...

mucho chucho! what a great read, less pleasant to experience i reckon :p i love you guys especially Dustin in this post :D bahahahah "about a boy!" i can just imagine

MiriamR said...

Dude our sunday was similar. But we have church at the perfect time 1030!!! So bubba had no excuses. He and Daniel were both sick. He came with me when eva wanted to take her morning nap. I was going to go out and put her to sleep and come back in but as she was falling asleep bubba runs away and tries to go back into sacrament meeting (not where daniel was sitting) then I made him stay with Daniel and he went nuts. Terrible threes also I guess. He made me mad too because he woke eva up and she didn't want to go back to sleep. Cranky kids.