Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kanab, Utah

We spent the weekend in Kanab, Utah. It was so beautiful. We wanted to leave first thing Saturday morning, but we decided we wanted to get a portable DVD player for the trip. We finally found one at Costco, so we didn't get to leave until like 1pm.

We just looked at our road atlas, and picked a route. :) It was snowing pretty hard here when we left, so we were a little concerned it would be awful the whole way, but thankfully after Nephi, there was nothing. Miaya fell asleep pretty quickly.

We drove through Zions and it was right at sunset. It was soooo amazing. Breathtaking. We didn't take any pictures, because at that point we were just trying to get to Kanab. There were all these huge redrock cliffs everywhere. They looked purple in the fading light. And there was this long tunnel we drove in through the mountain cliff thing. I have never heard of it before. It was really dark and long, and you weren't allowed to stop in it. So cool. There was snow everywhere too. A beautiful contrast.

I think this was around Cedar City. Before we got to Zion National Park.

This is up Johnson Canyon, which is inside Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Dustin and Miaya by Old Paria. I guess there was an actual town here that had been flooded out several times, and eventually everyone left. Frank Sinatra had a movie set built here for a movie he filmed, and a couple of years ago some arsonist burned it down, so there are no buildings there anymore.
Again by Old Paria
We drove down this road, and it was really muddy.

Moqui Cave. This was an interesting cave. It's one of those roadside oddities. Very cool to see once. I doubt we'll ever come here again, unless we're taking someone there to see it.


MiriamR said...

That cave looks pretty cool. Do you remember Lindsey Neil my friend in American Fork? She lives in Kanab. She moved there after American fork and hasn't left since. Is is small there?

meleofa said...

I remember her! I remember that she left when we were in High School, but I didn't realize she was still there. How fun. It's definitely small there. But they have grocery stores, and restaurants and wendy's and mcdonaldsk and several gas stations. I don't think it's very far to St. George, though. I would love to live there, I think.