Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am buying the March 2009 Vogue

I love Stephenie Meyer. I think she's great. This article is an excellent one. It's on her.

I am feeling better, and much less sorry for myself today. The sun is shining, I went outside and took a walk with Miaya. I vacuumed yesterday, that made me feel better. :) I am going to clean my house even more today. Excellent.


MiriamR said...

I read that article last night and I want to buy that vogue too. Man life sucks all around for everyone I guess. I purse got misplaced and then taken and so I didn't have my wallet in it but I had 4 temp checks so now I have to shut my account down an reroute everythng and alexander put a crack in the window that goes from one side to the other. Life sucks sometimes alot!!! I hope yours is going better.
Random but don't you love the weirdo words they make you retype. Right now mine is termod. ha ha.

MoBo said...

LOL whats termod? How did alexander BReak the window?!?!? hahah I WANT A COPY!!! BUy ME ONE TOO!!! pleeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeee I would buy it, but Australians are partialy illiterate(the stereotype is Quite accurate, the boozy floozy's dont like to read or have culture HAHA and they wouldnt deny it, they are proud of it, slightly very disturbing) like I am dislexic haha and so they dont have interesting fascinating awesome articles on global phenomena's poo heads I feel sorry for myself too, not really I am just very alone :'( HAHAHAHAH


~~~m @.@ m~~~

(Korean super man LOL)




(OOOHH hahah I am spelling faismizi lolerskates)

MiriamR said...

who is looking at your blog from south africa?

meleofa said...

yeah, I'm not sure. I wonder all the time who in the middle east is looking at my blog too. I always wonder who looks at it apart from the fam. bahahahaha. I too wonder what termod is.