Thursday, July 16, 2009

The garden and a car show

We went to a car show yesterday. It's Miaya's first. She had a good time looking at the cars, but it was a bit nerve racking because she wanted to touch the cars. There were signs EVERYWHERE that said no touching.
This first car is a Lotus. I want it. I told Dustin he should get me one. I don't think he'd mind driving it either.
This is sort of the kind of car Dustin and I want to restify some day. Restify = Resore/Modify. I don't want a low rider, but something awesome.
Miaya really liked this Mustang. It's all sparkly. You can kind of see green sparkles.
Miaya with her blanket on the rocker.
Miaya helping Dustin collect the potatoes. See them in her wagon?
Dustin pulling up some potatoes.
These are some of our potatoes. They're humungous! They were coming out of the ground, so Dustin just pulled them.
He also pulled some of our blue potatoes and onions. I love when we are able to take stuff out of our veggie garden.


MiriamR said...

whats a blue potato? Is it hard to do a garden? I just cleaned up our garden and ripped everything out. I don't know if I want to do it because I am lazy when it comes to that kind of stuff.

meleofa said...

A blue potatoe is just basically that: a potatoe that just happens to be blue. It takes exactly like a normal potatoe. Dustin likes to try out weird things. We have black grass and zebra grass in our flower beds, and a dark purple plant. Basically if its usually green but comes in other colors, Dustin likes to try it. Same with our veggie garden. Last year we had purple carrots, this year it's blue potatoes. I think we might stick with these, though. They grew pretty well in our soil. Is a garden hard? Yes. It's lots of maintenance. But once your garden is established, it's much easier. :) It's fun to do with Miaya too.