Thursday, July 16, 2009

K Drama Zombie

I was going to become much more diligent in posting blogs, but then the other day I found Boys Over Flowers. I loved it. It's taken up every spare moment for the last few days. So fun! I watched it all on youtube. I wish they had them more available here. I guess I just need to find somewhere to get them all. :D I heart princess hours and my girl, the korean one. And now I must go read some books that have been waiting.


MiriamR said...

are any really as good as princess hours? Because that was pretty great.

meleofa said...

I have noticed that Korean dramas all seem to have a similar story line. Lots of conflict with a happy ending, love triangles, unrequited love, gorgeous people. Also cinderella type stories. Well, the ones I've seen. I loved princess hours, my girl, and now boys over flowers. I think you might like either of those two. Melanie is more of an expert than I am, I think. :)

MoBo said...


I think its better than princess hours, because its similar, But different! in a better way! the heroine isnt always crying, but she does make you want to stab her and cry yourself hehehe but then I might have alterior motives for liking it wuahahah Gu Jun Pyo!!!!! hehehe

KDrama zombies are the BEST KIND!!!!! I love K drama zombie mode

HEYHEY! mele'ofa, did you catch the Yiruma music? in episode 13 segment 3? they are watching a Kdrama and its playing Kiss the Rain!!!!! I KNEW HE DID MUSIC FOR K DRAMAS, lete didnt believe me when I said this sounds very much like typical music for a korean drama and she was all SHASH just kuz your a korean crazy!

even though the drama they are watching might be fictional, KISS THE RAIN Is STILL IN BOYS OVER FLOWERS! did you know that in japanese the word for flower is the same for female? or the kanji is the same (you know how one symbol can have different meaning and pronunciation) and the show is from a japanese manga of the same title (but in japanese) so its saying bros before ho's as they say on letes favourite show the OC HAHAHa