Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Less expensive than I thought

I watched this video that my aunt posted on her facebook page on the Faroe Islands. I've always wanted to go, and so I looked up flights from Iceland to the Faroe Islands. I can get a flight from Seattle to Iceland for 319 dollars and then from Iceland to the Faroe Islands for around 450 dollars! Thats round trip for one person. This sounds incredibly cheap to me! I was amazed. Melanie has been there. I wonder if any of the rest of us will go?


MiriamR said...

I think when I got to iceland next I will plan to go to Faroes too. Hey 450 from Iceland to Faroes? Isn't that expensive, can you just take a boat?

thats dirt cheap from Seattle, I didn't even know they did that!! I mean from Seattle to ICeland, I bet it costs more to fly to seattle from here than that! I wish I lived next to an Iceland air hub to catch these great deals!

MoBo said...

SKITURINN thats what I thought when I read this, THATS FLIPPIN CHEAP FLIGHT TO ICELAND I dont think the one to Faroe Islands is though, but I dont really know


that picture sure is Nice though I wish 'd gone somewhere like that hahaha next time hmm

Hera said...

language huh

Hera said...

you can fly to the Faroes from the UK too.
The ferry Norrona goes from the Uk and Iceland too.
This is one of those things where you just go and not worry about the price.

Hera said...

I have great memories of the Faroes as a child. I loved going on walks with my great grandfather. I also loved fishing on the docks there with all the other people too.
My Faroese family laughed and smiled a lot. They are a happy people.

meleofa said...

Amazing! So it would have been even cheaper with the ferry? so cool!