Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moriarty's Antiques and Curiosities

So a couple of weeks ago Dustin, Miaya, and I took Mum to the family history library. On our way home, we stopped at this place I have wanted to go to for a long time. I always joke with Dustin about his boyfriends. He has many, and goes to all sorts of fun places with them on their way to and from the warehouse they work at. One boyfriend in particular went with him to Moriarty's. (This is the same boyfriend he rode a scooter with, goes to Michael's with occasionally, talks about art with! We also used to bowl with him. And he makes his own bass guitars that are pieces of art on their own.) This place is so cool! Dustin told me he had gone there once, and so he chose to surprise me this one rainy Saturday, and took us there. It is an amazing shop, and I would have gone in there just because the sign said they sell curiosities. CURIOSITIES! So great. I love this store. I didn't buy anything, but I could have spent hours upon hours just wandering around and looking at the stuff. They have antiques, obviously, but they also have pez dispensers, purses, signs, toys, phones, and anything collectible. It was such a fun store. They had some Wedgwood too. I love Wedgwood. I like the Olive colored stuff. I don't own any, but I love to see it. :) I will have to take Miriam there next time she comes up. I think she would like it. I learned recently that apparently Salt Lake has an antique district? Who knew? I sure didn't. I'm not sure exactly where, but I think it's some where between 2nd and 4th west and 4th south. I am hoping, too, to find some doors from the 1950s. We have a few doors that need to be replaced, and I really like the ones in the house already. I'm not entirely sure if they are from the 1950s, but that's when my house was built, so I figure its a good place to start. I know the 50s isn't exactly antique, but maybe I'll get lucky.


MiriamR said...

SOOO COOL! I want to do there! I love that stuff. You should see this blog I put on my blog. Its called southern living or something. So on Mondays people put up their garage sale finds. Your blog reminded me of that. I LOVE curiosities! Where is it? We have a town here called Moriarty's. I need to blog more but I have been reading my butt off! This library card is addicting.

meleofa said...

It's on like 9th south and west temple. It's right by Dustin's work. Next time you come up, we will go! yippee. And I love the liberry too. :D