Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog overdose. hehehe.

My new found obsession of manga has now become one with one of my old, but beloved, obsessions, Twilight. Check this out!

Can you believe it?!?!?!?!! I am oh so excited! Yippeeeee!

Oh and I have found out that in order to better obsess about the things I love I must, I must, learn Korean and Japanese. Good luck to me. I also want to learn Italian, but that's just because.


MiriamR said...

maybe I will read this manga when it comes out. You should totally try to learn those languages! Or at least the hello how are you stuff. That would be cool. Oh and there is never too much blogging NEVER~!

MoBo said...



holy cats, this is just so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! but I hope those arent real pictures, I hope they have BETTER PICTUERES!!! and since its a graphic novel, I hope its in ColouR!!!

Oh crackehs!


WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! AND STEPHENIE MEYER IS OVERSEEING!!!! THAT MEANS IT WILL TOTALY BE EDWARD AND BELLA AND THE WHOLE AGNG!!! AND THIS MEANS THERE MIGHT BE AN ANIME ONE DAY, OR A CARTOON!!! WAAAAAHHH and this will probably open a HUGE door for meyer, there will be a WHOLE lot more Asian peoples reading this, I'm not saying asians only read manga, but I had a korean friend who didnt really read books, but she did read manga. THIS MEANS THERE MIGHT BE A KOREAN DRAMA THATS BASED VAGUELY ON TWILGOTIHTKSNDKL SD SKLJbhki

oh....kay.... I am .... trying to calm down...

I TOO WANT TO LEARN KOREAN! my friends said its really easy, and that my pronunciation is impecable!!! yeah! so one day you and I will converse in Korean and it will be Awesome, I'm not so much about the japanese, because I have a friend who served his mission there and there are like 19 different levels of speech, depending on what class you are. Like theres imerial (how you speak to the emperor...i dont kwo how you spell that haha) and then theres like upper class, bussinesmen, teachers, students, children, adults, dogs, cats, Its really crazy. and then the letters, they have two sets, ones japanese lettering and ones Kanji(I dont know rightly if I just said the same thing haha) but the Kanji is chinese letter things that they also use in japan.. or... something.. its quite confusing if youhave no idea what your talking about like i do hehe But anywyas... YOU MADE ME DO THIS!!!(this huge blablabla that i just did) THESE ARE ALSO MY FAVOURITE OBSESSION! KOREAN FIGHTING!! ahhahaha twilight anime/manga and KOREAN STUFFF!! so I will stop now, and get to my boys over flowers TEEHEEE

And I also agree with miriam, NEVER TOO MUCH BLOGGING, only too little, like Me, and Maliana HAHA Love ya!