Monday, January 19, 2009


The thought occured to me sometime this morning: I have some odd collections. Some are quite run of the mill, others, just odd.

The first: coins. I like all sorts. New, old, foreign, and defaced.

Second: stamps. I got a letter from Lete when she was in England, and that's where I got those queen ones. I like the fruit ones. They are fun.

Third: worry dolls. This one is an interesting one. When I was in 8th grade, I took Spanish for the first time. The teacher of the class, Mr. Felix, used to let us play Bingo with the dinero he gave out in class. As a result of one of these Bingo tournaments, I won these worry dolls. Apparently you tell these little dolls all your worries, and then stick them under your pillow, and by morning, when you wake up, the dolls have taken the worries away. A little strange, and yet I still have them, and have accrued more when I find them.

Fourth: dice. I don't know how, but somehow I have a small collection of dice. I can't remember why or how I have any of these.

Fifth: pins. This is too is an accidental collection. And yes, I really do keep them in the carquest fuse box. Except the three largest ones. The lid won't close with them in it.

Sixth: books. I like them a lot. These are just the ones I have organized on my pretty bookcase.

I have other collections too: pictures, postcards, scrapbooks, tins, scrapbooking supplies, rocks, shells, and the list goes on. I try not to get too carried away, but sometimes, one does.


MoBo said...

I Like worry dolls Too! they are so cool, but the idea you put forward of them is creepy, like they run away with your worries and are Actual Moving thinking things, AHHHH! And Pishaw you dont know why you collect dice, its all those games of dice you play, every time you win you keep the dies(mahahah No idea about my grammer skills fo shizel) Are all Four Shelves books? they are all so similarly sized

meleofa said...

what are all similarly sized? the books? erm, well most things on this shelf are books. on the top shelf you see, dvds are on the far left. The two bottom shelves are bigger books and binders: yearbooks, scrapbooks, family history, photo albums, school books, anatomy books. i also have pictures all over the place. it's a bit of a mess, because miaya is constantly pulling things out.

MiriamR said...

does this mean everytime we see these things or find them in our random piles of stuff we should pass them onto you? Yay for that!!! I have some interesting pins you might like, I have to find them first.
Ha the worry doll reminded me of like a creepy little person sleeping inside your pillow who steals your thoughts ha ha ha