Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Best Friend

I hopped in bed nice and early and was completely prepared to fall asleep....and then couldn't. Don't you hate when that happens? I do. But, there is a plus. My mind won't sleep, and so I have many fantastic epiphany's. My mind comes up with the coolest things right when I am falling asleep, or should be, and right before I wake up. The only thing that is sucky about it, though, is that I can't ever remember anything. At least I get to think about them in the first place, though.

So tonight, my thoughts turned to my best friend. He was already far away in sleepy land. As corny as it all may seem Dustin is my best friend. I remember before we started dating, we would "hang out" and it was loads of fun. We were friends before we were more. There was a point in our relationship that I was worried about getting more serious with him because I valued his friendship so much. (I thought if we didn't end up getting married, that things might turn out badly) Being friends first has been invaluable. Something that crossed my mind tonight was that he takes me as I am. There are things about me that bug him, I know I can be annoying. But he is so quintessentially good. He's sweet, funny, sexy, kind, caring, loving, self-sacrificing, respectful and respectable, honest, and lovely. Oh, and patient. Endlessly patient. :)He's not perfect, but who is? As I laid there, I was compiling a list of his many awesome traits. It was great. I know I don't tell him, or more importantly, show him, how much I appreciate him, nearly often enough. And so I will.