Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What I try to live by

Respect others.


Be kind.

Enjoy stuff.


Let people know how you feel.

Laughs lots and lots.

Read good things.


Listen to music.


I have come to realize more and more that I am weird. I don't think I'm immature, but I am somewhat naive, I think. I like to look for the good in people, and although I am much more cynical than I used to be, I still hope for people to be generally good. I think there are many good things all around, and it must be taken with the bad. I am constantly hoping for things to be better. I look for the good in bad situations. Maybe that's just optimism. I am not always this way, but in general, I think I am. Even when I get depressed for long periods of time, somewhere deep inside I hope for things to get better. I am greatful for having this in me.

Oh, and have some fun here. I google things many times a day, and today there is a Jackson Pollock link, that is where I found it. So paint to your hearts content on the virtual canvas.

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Hera said...

We need to be positive in the world today.