Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Like her Mother

Miaya was looking at this book before bed tonight:

Dustin walked by and he thought she said a guy was Dumbledore. So he asked her if the guy was Dumbledore and she proceeded to inform him in a stern voice "Not Dumbledore" and Dustin was like "Oh, alright..erm..." He said to me "What do you say to a two year old who just told you it wasn't Dumbledore?" hahahaha. What indeed? Dustin has gotten his head almost bitten off by our daughter, and she's only two. I can be that way, so I think she is quite alot like me.


Hera said...

Wait until years 12-19 hehe after that they are ok

MoBo said...

MUAHAHAHA yesssh. Who was it? and how did she know?!? hahahhahaha lovely little miaya

meleofa said...

It is the king in the book, I think. She knows who Dumbledore is: she LOVES the Harry Potter movies. ahahahahahahahaha.