Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Mamma, I don't need a nap

Miaya insisted she did not need a nap.

I was organizing Mamma's books on the bookshelf, and Miaya was incredibly interested. They are accessible to her now, and apparently she is as much the bibliophile as any of us. :) I keep finding stacks of books around the house. These were on my bedroom floor. Another stack was found in the bathroom.

My pretty Moose girl. We went for a walk today, and she is so content today. The weather was lovely, so how could I resist?


Maliana said...

how is moose? is she calming down a little bit from puppy hood?

MoBo said...

Wahahahah She will be an architect for Sure! wuahahah hehe does she like to read? peehee TooLoo!

meleofa said...

moose is good. she is becoming a mellow fellow. and miaya likes to tell stories, and she likes to look at books. She's not into the the reading so much yet. :) Well, she likes to prentend to read.