Thursday, January 22, 2009

And so we go.

Yesterday, Miaya and I ran a few errands in the afternoon. One place we went was Granger-Hunter Improvement District to pay my water bill. They have a very small pond outside and two water jets shooting in the air. It's reclaimed water, and it's untreated. Miaya loves water, so she wanted to go and take a look. She was so very excited, that we went and walked around the pond, even though it was absolutely freezing, and the moisture from the pond made it even colder. It was fun. :)

While the running of the errands was occuring, I noticed the car was sluggish to start. It was only slightly discorcerting, because it had only started doing that the night before, so I went on my jolly way. Last night after mutual, however, the car didn't start at all. I had Miaya with me and Dustin was still working, so I wasn't sure how long we'd be there. Luckily, Dustin was already on his way home and other leaders were able to take the kids home. My car died last night. hahaha. Not really, but we will see. We're hoping it the battery, but it could be the starter or the solenoid on the starter. Hopefully it isn't a lost cause. :)

Melisa and Victoria came over during the day on Tuesday, and while Melisa went to go and pick up Tuimana, I took some pics of the girls.

Watching something. I think it was Baby Shakespear.

Hugging. Unfortunately, this is posed, not spontaneous. hahahahha.

Such a pretty smile. :)

Tuimana has decided to try out Harry Potter, so I let him borrow my Sorcerer's Stone. He asked me if he could borrow a couple. I told him to just take one and then he could borrow the others as he finished each one. He's very ambitious. hahahhaha. It was so fun to have them over. They stayed for dinner. Melisa gave me a great recipe for salmon and rice and veggies and it was soooo yummy.

It rained a teeny bit this morning, and I hope it rains more. I have sinus problems going on right now, and I attribute them to this inversion we have going on. The air around here has been unhealthy for days now. It's just plain gross. I try not to drive when I don't have to in general, and even more so at this time of year. The pollution gets stuck in the valley because the air above the smog and moisture is warmer, and traps it all in. But, apparently the inversion phenomenon is something that's been happening since long before cars were around. Well, according to Dustin's co-worker who is interested in the history of Utah, before pollution was as bad as it is fog and smoke would get stuck in the valleys. I haven't found anything to back this up, but it sounds believeable.


Maliana said...

awww they are so cute I am so chaluss :(

MiriamR said...

What cute pictures!!! Hey I am done with book 5 of lemony snickets. IT ENDED CRAZY and now I want more. How many are there exactly. I believe I own book 11 so I know there are that many but seriously how many?

meleofa said...

there are 13. they're nice short, clever reads, don't you think? albeit a bit sad and frustrating. the twists and turns are many, and i love it. :)

MoBo said...

I WANT TO READ LEMONY SNICKET! I think I shall buy them, shall I? THAT DISGUSTING with the pollution that is, but cool about the history part. hahaha hahahah Sooo Cute!