Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Letting go

Today the Questar guy came to replace our meter. Dustin called them in November to let them know he thought we were being billed incorrectly: we weren't being charged enough. The guy he spoke to said that our meter was moving, and so it should be correct. I called them today to see what was going on with our bill, because we haven't received it in the mail yet. They then informed me we owed 250 dollars. I was so frustrated, and I wanted to yell at the lady I was speaking to. But it wasn't her fault so I bit my tongue, asked her a few more questions, and then hung up. It's so interesting to me, because when the customer makes mistakes, we are raked over the coals. When the companies make mistakes you get this:

The correction listed on this statement is due to an
inaccurate transponder on your gas meter. We
apologize for any inconvenience this may have
caused you. If you have any questions please call
your local office. Thank you.

And the lady on the phone also said "Sorry about that." And that's due on the 21st. She made sure she informed me of that part. hahahahahahahaha. So silly. Oh whale. Just wanted to vent my frustrations about this silliness. I have very little to blog about it seems. Well, more accurately, I just haven't been blogging. It's not like my previous blogs were earth-shattering.

We've had some excellent snow lately. I lurve the snow! It's all white and cold and sometimes fry and fluffy and sometimes mushy and wet. Miaya likes to eat it. Even the disgusting gray snow off the road! I take it away from her, and she cries and wants to eat it. I still won't let her. She sneaks it when we are not looking, though. Little grossie. I love her so much. : )

So here's to a great new year. Each one gets more and more interesting, and I learn a lot and forget somethings that I learn again in much more difficult ways, because I am an adult now. It seems harder to learn and stay open minded the older I get. I hope to have continued health, love, family, fun, and happiness. I hope to have greater gratitude, strength to bear whatever comes my way, communication, faith, and wisdom. I hope to have less grumbling (on my part), time wasting, and life wasting in general. I hope to see lots of family we haven't seen in a while. I hope to see many places I haven't seen before. I hope to continue to learn lots. I hope to read more great books than awful books. I hope to become more calm and centered. I hope to exercise each day. I hope to cook more. I hope to make and meet many goals.

Last year was a tough year in some ways. And so excellent in some ways. I got pregnant, and it was a happy time. I had a miscarriage, and it was a very difficult time. I became incredibly depressed, but didn't realized it for a long time. I am on my way up right now, and hope to stay up. I'm becoming healthier in lots of ways. We got so much done on the house, thanks to Dad. He came and did some really beautiful stucco on my house. We love it so much. We got our new furnace, which we really needed. We got much more organized. We're trying to find balance in everything, and it's difficult, but excellent in the moments when we find it. We refinanced the house and are so much better off financially. We have a lot of goals we hope come into fruition this year. And in the years to come.

I feel so much better.


Maliana said...

wow miaya is a wild chicken and has so much hair now!

MoBo said...

Wow, That is amazing, Your blog is so full of Wonderfulness and hope. You are awesome for seeing all the blessing in your life. I Love You, dont forget! mehe


Hera said...

Cheeky Miaya just like her mother more and more. And it gets better after 19 years old hehe.